Cookies are data files that are sent between web servers and web browsers, processor memory or hard drives (clients) to recognise a particular user’s device when the user accesses a website. They are used for a range of different purposes, such as customising a website for a particular user, helping a user navigate a website and storing that user’s preferences and login information.

What type of Cookies do we use?

Below you can find the list of cookies that we use on our website. Please note that one cookie can be included in several categories.

Based on the owner of the cookie:

  • First Party Cookies: These cookies are managed by the domain to which the user is accessing and from which a certain service is requested.
  • Third Party Cookies: These cookies are sent to the user’s computer from a different domain which is managed by other collaborating entities.

Based on the duration of the cookie:

  • Session Cookies: These cookies are stored in the device from which the user is browsing only during the time the user is visiting the website and they disappear automatically when the user closes the web-browser.
  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain stored in the user’s device used to browse and its temporary duration equals the minimum essential time to perform its purpose. The duration and expiry date of these cookies can be found in the settings of your browser.

Only necessary cookies used on this website

This website uses only necessary cookies, i.e. cookies needed to ensure our website´s functionality and to provide the services you request. These cookies cannot be disabled. These cookie does not gather any information about you that could be used for marketing purposes and do not remember where you have been on the internet.

You are welcome to block the use of some or all of the cookies we use on our website. However, please be aware that doing so may impair our website and its functionality or may even render some or all of it unusable.