Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Outfits

It’s easy to get into the habit of reaching for the same neutral pieces when getting dressed. We get it—toned-down colors look good on everyone and go with everything. While neutrals definitely have their place in a well-rounded wardrobe, there’s something about the sunny season that calls for color. That doesn’t mean you need entirely new outfits—just a small pop can perk up your whole look. So when you find yourself grabbing your black, white and brown go-tos again, don’t despair. Here are a few simple ways to kick things up a notch.

Bright’s Right

The deep blue hue of this slipdress is universally flattering, and it offers endless styling options. We went with a statement bag in an explosion of colors, then used the bag’s palette to pick the sandals. The overall effect is coordinated without trying too hard—AKA the perfect way to play it for spring.

Pastel Perfection

A pop of color in your workwear can be the star of your outfit. This look starts with a pair of trousers in a soft camel color that lets the top’s dreamy green stand out. A turquoise necklace keeps the earthy elegance going, and patent sandals add some polish.

Pop the Top

Nothing beats the timeless combination of denim with a white shirt. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Reimagine this classic look by going for pieces that stand strong on their own, then top it off with a lightweight layer that taps into the season’s neon trend.

Double Up

Coordinating your bag and shoes can be the perfect one-two punch. You don’t have to match them tone-for-tone—shades of the same color also look great together. But if you fall in love with a shade like this energetic orange, don’t hesitate to go all out.

Shoe Show

No need to banish your all-black outfits to the back of the closet once the warm weather starts—colorful sandals can lighten them up in an instant. For maximum impact, choose a style with a mix of vibrant hues, and keep everything else low-key so your shoes can steal the spotlight.

Soft Focus

Colorful accents don’t have to be bright to catch the eye. Subtle shades can be just as impactful, like these pale purple stones and sunnies. The trick is playing down the overall look to dial up the details. This outfit’s clean lines and off-whites provide the perfect backdrop.

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