How to Look Good in Jeans

Buy into boot cut. Boot cut jeans are the most flattering style of jeans and they look great on almost every body type. Boot cut jeans are fitted through the thigh, with a tighter knee and a slight flare at the bottom.

  • Boot cut jeans show off your curves, but also help balance out your thighs.
  • Tuck a loose blouse into your boot cut jeans and add a belt to give the outfit some edge.

Wear skinny jeans. If you have a smaller butt, opt for skinny jeans instead. They’ll make your behind look bigger, when compared to the size of your legs. But skinny jeans are not just for skinny people – anyone can wear skinny jeans, as long as they’re styled correctly.

  • Look for skinny jeans with some stretch to give yourself a little more room to move and breathe.
  • Wear skinny jeans with tops that stop just above the widest portion of your hips.
  • Tuck your skinny jeans into knee-high boots, or wear them with ballet flats during warmer weather.

Buy jeans made of a stretch fabric. Jeans fit differently depending on the fabric they’re made of and jeans made of stretch fabrics are consistently the most flattering looking and comfortably fitting.

  • Look for jean blends that include lycra, elastane, polyurethane, or spandex.
  • The stretch of the jean will help condense your thighs and make your bottom look higher and tighter.

Pick the correct rise. Jeans come in a variety of different fits, but across the board, the most flattering rise is the mid-rise jean. Look for a jean that sits a few inches above your pelvic bone, but still underneath your belly button.

  • Low rise jeans put pressure on your stomach, which causes your fat to bunch up above your waistline.
  • High-rise pairs draw more attention to your stomach.
  • Look for a contour waistband to keep the jeans from creating a space between your back and the waistband of your jeans.
  • A contour waistband is a waistband that is cut on the bias, thereby making it more flexible.

Choose jeans with a strategic fade. Denim comes in many different colors and faded jeans come in and out of fashion. Choose a jean with a slight fade in the center of the leg; the fade will make your legs look longer and leaner.

  • Avoid jeans with fading on your thighs or behind. These will only make problem areas more obvious.
  • Pair faded jeans with a tucked in black tee and a brightly colored heel.

Invest in dark wash jeans. Everyone knows that wearing black can make you look slimmer, but the same goes for dark wash jeans. The darker the jeans, the longer and leaner your lower body will look.

  • If you find a dark wash that flatters your body, buy a couple pairs in different cuts.
  • Avoid distressed and lighter wash jeans. They will make you look stockier than you really are.

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